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Ever feel like a real life of enchantment must be truly lovely and perfect and happy if only you could do it “right”?   Like maybe all the “real” enchantresses are out there, dancing around sacred groves with perfect hair, smelling of home made lavender and rosemary perfume and leaving a trail of willo’wisps wherever they go?  I rather doubt it.  I don’t know what your life is like, but mine resembles more of a demolition squad outing than a dance around the maypole, but now and then..just now and then…I can squeeze just a few of those silvery, shimmering moments of magick into my world.   My world is better for it, and I am better for it.

To learn a little something about me, check the “All about” page.  This is the place where magick gets real and reality gets magickal- a place where we figure out how everyday enchantment makes for a truly beautiful life.  Welcome.


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  1. Hey Jess, pretty cool website. I like your articles and love the photos that I presume you’ve chosen. I’ll be checking in now and again to see any new stuff you’ve posted.

    Mark (You Know Who)

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