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There are four important principles related to your magickal work, which we will discuss one at a time.  They are: To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Be Silent.  Today, we will discuss “To Know.”

Near the Imbolc fire with my Sisterhood

Common sense seems to be involved in this principle.  You may read a great deal about the concept of “To Know” in assorted books on witchcraft, particularly by neo-pagan authors (especially Wiccans.)  Quite simply put, one cannot expect to be good at anything at all without learning a little something about it.  Your magickal practice is no different.  You should have some understanding of what you want to accomplish, how others have done it in the past, what supplies may be helpful, and so forth.  This is a very practical thing to consider.

Perhaps you want to do a working for prosperity.  There are about eighty thousand different ways you could do this, and here’s a big secret: there is no one “right” way to do it.  I don’t care what it says in “the big blue book.”  Seriously.  I don’t care what Foxhawk Sparklebritches Skydancer says in her book either.  There are many ways that are just as “right”.  This is because it is your will, concentration and the energies you gather that will be doing the heavy lifting.  The rest is just window dressing.  So what you have to “know” is what will create the proper conditions for you to do your work.  Do you require light or dark to concentrate?  Does music and sound help you or do you prefer silence?  Do you like herbs and can you get them?  Candles? What is a good symbol for what you want to achieve?  Do you have any deities, angels or spirits whose help you would like to petition?  Decide on these things.  Know these things about yourself and your magickal style.

I have found, for example, that I really like to have some background music or nature sounds.  This helps drown out my neighborhood and whatever is going on in my house.   No songs with lyrics though, because I catch myself singing along instead of doing my work.  I like it to be dark.  I can do light, but I prefer dark and I like having candles involved in some way.  I like herbs. I like things I can do with my hands while I focus on my intention.  I also like something to happen during the ritual that symbolizes my goal.   I know these things about myself.  This knowledge makes all the difference.

There’s nothing wrong with reading what “the books” say about magickal practice, but I caution you to read a variety from a variety of authors with different points of view.  If you read everything from just one person, no matter how good they may be, you’re going to limit your creativity quite a bit.  What the individual writes in her book or his book is what works for him or her, and probably has worked for others as well.  That’s great.  Books are also really great reference material for things like what colors symbolize what, which herbs to use for which purposes, and so on.  Having said that, you may find that your understanding of these may also change over time.  You will definitely find that many authors have different answers to things in their books. What does that tell you?  That tells you that in the end game, each practitioner ends up figuring out how they interact with energy, with tools, with herbs, with colors, etc, and it may be very different from someone else’s experiences.

So as far as this principle goes, the most important piece to retain is:  Know Yourself


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