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So next we come to principle number two in the “To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Be Silent” set of guidelines for magickal practice.

“To Dare” is a good thing to think about.  You have already gotten past “knowing”, which should include knowing yourself, your needs, your style, your beliefs and what you are trying to accomplish.  The next thing you need is to dare to actually do something about it.

I must take a moment to get on my personal soap box….I will keep it brief….about this phase.  Once you are at “To Dare” you’re talking about taking action.   So let me put this as simply as possible:  When your house is on fire, you don’t cast a spell to put it out.  You call the fire department and grab a bucket of water. If you are having chest pains, you don’t cast a spell for healing.  You call 911 for an ambulance.  Don’t be an idiot.  The practical world has practical solutions and these can work together with your magickal solutions but eliminating one or the other entirely is to put one’s life out of balance and create poor results.  To entirely eliminate practical action in the case of safety issues is to invite disaster.

Now back to “To Dare.”  So you have already done whatever practical work your situation requires.  Perhaps you need to do some work for protection, because you have someone harassing you.  You have already taken practical action up to and including contacting law enforcement if that was needed.  Then you move on to your magickal work.  This is where “to dare” comes in.  Have you ever done work for this purpose before?  It takes some guts to do something new.  For some people, all magickal work is really outside their comfort zone.  For others, it is a challenge to try a new kind of work they never have done before.  It does take some courage to take action on your own behalf, both in the practical world and the magickal sense.

You also have to “dare” to self-examine for a moment.  Is what you are pursuing reasonable?  Your work may also require an energy expenditure from you, both emotional and physical.  Are you currently prepared for this?  In short, are you willing (and do you dare) to take responsibility for your actions in all areas of your life including the spiritual? If so, proceed.


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