Ahh, witchy shopping!   1 comment

Just spent a fantastic few hours out with the beautiful and talented buddy Kristy, buying herbs and some candles.  I picked up some wonderful tea that I can’t wait to try, and some sandalwood oil (I ran out of it a long time ago) and odds and ends.

Got my hands on some Lo John root, Angelica root, Yerba Santa and Solomon’s Seal.  My favorite stop was “Global Infusion” where I could have easily spent a ridiculous amount of money on the awesome fair trade goods they have in there.  I could have rolled out of there with drums, rattles, herbs, jewelry (oh, the jewelry), candles, etc.  I’m hoping the tea I bought “Luna Blend” will fix whatever the heck is going wrong with my hormones since the baby was born.    Little Stevie got a giraffe finger puppet from Kristy- so cute!  I’m also lucky to have a husband that likes to come along and explore all of my whims and interests with me.  I grabbed him a big nice piece of rose quartz that gave off love like nobody’s business.  He’s one of few men I’ve been with that wouldn’t say, “what the frick are you giving me this rock for?”  I’m lucky.  Good day.  Sunny, warm, and things are looking marginally green again outside.  The moon is full tonight and will be so big and beautiful.  It’s nice to feel “good” for a while today.  I’m enjoying it.

PS: The store is really worth checking out if you’re nearby……..



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  1. ps: The tea worked!!!
    Wow, did it work.

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