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Check thy spelling

I have been guilty of a crime that I have been annoying myself with, so it may be annoying others as well.
I had, when I started writing about spiritual topics, used the spelling “Magick” instead of “Magic.”  It bothered me to write it that way, actually, but I knew this was the commonly accepted spelling amongst the community of magickal/magical people.  I have read many times that this spelling is engineered to differentiate between stage magic and actual magical, spiritual practice.  Though I understand this, most people with common sense and a brain stem can tell the difference based on the context of the rest of the sentence.  Therefore, I am hereby not going to use the word “magick” anymore.   It’s not a real word.   Or I hope I won’t use it.  If I do, it’s a mistake.  I have gone into this blog and tried to dig out any references with that spelling in it but I make no guarantees that I have caught them all.  I was even writing a series on magical practice for my group and was using that horrible spelling.  Every time I write it, my Word program underlines it in red, as if taunting me, “That’s not a real word!”  No more.  I am throwing off the shackles of nonsense spelling.
I really hate imaginary words that people use too much and they become a cultural phenomenon.
Therefore, other words that I have NOT used and never intend to use also include misspellings of “women”  or “woman” such as:
………or other nonsense like the above.  Yes, I KNOW that some women don’t like that the root word “men” or “man” is in their feminine title.  Guess what?  Too bad.  That’s how it’s spelled.

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  1. The original meaning of the word “man” was “human being,” not “male.”

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