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Persephone by Marta Dahlig of Poland

Spring is here but it’s still feeling a little dark in my world.  Still a little muddy, still a little grey.   The other day, as I walked through my kitchen, I heard “Persephone” and I remember her; young maiden goddess so lovely that Hades split open a meadow to steal her away to the underworld, plunging her mother Demeter into such despair as to strike down the fertility of the earth and cause winter.  Every spring when Persephone is allowed to return for a few months to be with Demeter, the earth blooms out again.

I wonder what it is like to be Persephone.  Does she feel like I do?   She is the queen of a very dark place.  She rules that underworld of shadow without challenge, at her husband’s side. Maybe she even likes it some of the time.  But is there something missing?  Does she reach for the light, wait for it eagerly, wait for the time when the sun will be on her face again?  I’m waiting too.


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