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      Let me begin by saying that I really hate grocery shopping.  I know a lot of people love it but I just don’t.  First of all, there are tons of people always in the way of where I need to be and they park their butts and their carts in the middle of the aisle and ignore everyone that needs to get through.  Otherwise, the store is okay but my toddler is freaking out and trying to get in and out of the cart like he’s a monkey.  Then there’s the price of the stupid groceries which is always more than I would like it to be, and then of course, I have to haul them inside after I get them home.  I have, however, recently started to try to adjust my attitude about the store.  This started to happen when I realized that I could get some of my magical supplies at the store. 

I don’t know why I wasn’t thinking of that all along.  It’s not like our ancestors had special new agey witch shops to go hang out and buy their stuff.  They got things from their farms and the market and wherever else they could.   So, lately, I’ve tried to pick up a little something for my witchy supply cabinet whenever I can.  I can’t get too carried away and ruin my budget but I can grab something now and then and thought I would share!

Here are some things you can get at the grocery store and what you can do with them:

-Sea Salt or Kosher Salt:  This is good for cleansing and protection, all around, not to mention neutralizing negative energy and so forth.  I like sea salt a lot because of the ocean/womb/woman associations, but I was recently reminded by a great witch friend that Kosher salt is already blessed (by a rabbi) so it’s good to go!  A friend suggested to toss some into the tub and swish my feet around in it when showering for a quick fix to negative energy build up.

-Dried or fresh herbs like: Rosemary for happy home, especially honoring the woman as the foundation of the household, basil for protection and happiness, bay leaf (bay laurel) for visions and wisdom and alfalfa for money or prosperity.  Any of these herbs can be tied into little bundles in a handkerchief to make a small herbal charm, burned on charcoal for an all natural incense, sprinkled around your candles, or whatever you want to do with them.  For that matter, you can sprinkle some in your bathwater!  You can use them to make herbal oils too.

(I also found out that a lot of herbs come packaged in teas or capsules you can break open, if you look in the natural medicine section of the pharmacy.)

-Spices like mace for psychic potency, cinnamon for passion, ginger to heat up or warm up a situation that is moving too slowly, black pepper to banish or bind a person or situation, etc.   (Go easy on the spices and don’t get them into your eyes or nose…probably don’t put them in your bath either.  Trust me, I found out the hard way.)  However these are great for sprinkling on or around candles, putting a pinch into herbal charms or even burning on incense charcoal.  These are also nice in your magical oils.

-Base oils: You can usually find olive oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and sometimes grapeseed oil.  I even saw cocoa butter the other day in the baking area.  Olive oil can smell kind of heavy and olive-ish but I like safflower and sunflower a lot for making herbal oils.

-Teas:  The coffee and tea aisle will surprise you with its variety sometimes.  You can find some really great blends that you can then add your own additional herbs to, if you know what you can safely use.  But remember, even peppermint and chamomile teas have energy of their own, even without adding anything at all.

-Honey: I couldn’t resist mentioning this one because it comes up a lot in folk magic.  It is good as an offering to the ancestors or to make “honey jar” type spells to sweeten a situation or a person.  Sweetening jars can also use molasses or even corn syrup for that matter.

Last week, I found some fresh rosemary in the produce area.  I grabbed some of that, and some sea salt, some rolled oats and some powdered milk and mixed them all together to make a nice batch of milk bath that felt really nice to soak in.  I even found a couple canning jars to store my creation in. It made the grocery store outing much more fun!


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  1. I love your angle – making mundane tasks more magical! I feel inspired. Why not shake a little magic into that tuna salad :)? I hate grocery shopping, too, by the way. It’s definitely my least favorite errand. After reading your blog, though, I hope to infuse it with a bit more fun!

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