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So……I’m on the war path lately.  I don’t know if it’s hormones, if I’m extra anxious (and that makes me mad) or if it’s because the baby has been sick so of course, that means no one is getting any sleep.  I am evil when I don’t sleep. 

This is me today. Sour and pissed off.

Regardless of why, I find myself hopping mad quite frequently lately and some of it is normal to be angry about.  For example, I have a husband who is a complete handful to the point of being a menace  and he refuses to learn.  No matter how many times I ask . No matter how often I ask nicely or how many times I ask a LOT less nicely.   Today, he is the one on the top of my shit list.  (Other days, he often occupies other prominent slots on this list as well.)

This puts me into a pondering state, in which I gleefully consider/fantasize about a good ol’ fashioned hexing.  Or, perhaps a hex is a bit of overkill.  You have to really commit if you want to hex someone, I figure.   Maybe a binding.  Is that bad?  I mean, really, would it be the end of the world if I gave someone a good “witch slap” now and then?

Of course, I’m aware of all the karma stuff and the threefold law and all the stuff they teach in the wicca books.  I’m pretty sure they made some of that up.  However, just in case, I’m thinking that I have already been “done wrong” enough times that really, karma ought to owe me a few free passes.  I ought to be able to misbehave a couple times, like bad behavior borrowed against all the character building I received from people (like him) doing wrong by me.   Then there’s the mechanics of it all.  Spend enough time as a witch, read enough, study enough, think enough, and anyone can string together a good malediction.  I’m quite sure this is within my capability. 

 I like the word “smite” in particular.   It seems there was always a lot of smiting going on in the bible.  It’s a very fashionable yet classic term for an ass kicking.  Some people need a good smiting now and then, and I would probably enjoy being the one to do it.   It’s all so “double double, toil and trouble” that I want to bust out my black cloak and boil something up in my cauldron, whether I needed to or not.  And hey, what if the smiting ended up helping him to learn and therefore elevated him to the next level of his development as a human being ? Then technically, I’ve done a good thing, right?  (Yes, I am overthinking this and having a bit too much fun.)

Will I be smiting, hexing, binding, crossing or otherwise spiritually misbehaving today?  Probably not.  Yet I truly enjoy the idea of it sometimes.  Is that bad?


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