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Okay, I saw something yesterday that strains my credulity quite a bit.  I am the first to admit that I tend to be a skeptic at heart when it comes to certain spiritual matters and this can be a real pain because I’m also a witch and that requires a lot of “leap of faith” moments.  I will have those moments of doubt during some ritual work or even meditative work or just communing with nature and deity when I think “Is this stuff even real?  You are just convincing yourself it’s real.  It’s the power of suggestion”  I get through it.  I try to keep a balance of modern scientific understanding and understanding of human psychology with ancient wisdom and take that leap of faith that says “even if you don’t understand WHY it works, this is real.  This is real.”  It’s like a little mantra I have to pull out now and then.

However, yesterday I thought perhaps someone has gone a bit too far over to the etheric and is ignoring the scientific a little too much.  I saw a spell called “Spell to kill germs.”  Really?  To kill germs?

Perhaps I am lacking in belief but I will put that woman’s spell up against my clorox any day.  In the midst of the winter of plague that my household just went through, I wouldn’t trade my one bottle of disinfectant for an entire fleet of the best witches on the planet. 

You see, the spell called for positively visualizing the germs being destroyed.  But why visualize when I can kill those little sons of guns with my cleaning supplies?

I think what people might be missing is the following:

Yes, witches were often called upon for healing and health related issues throughout all of history.  The reason for this is that they knew the plant wisdom that would heal and clean things.  Perhaps they didn’t know what a “germ” was, but they knew that when they ground up this certain green plant and made a paste out of it and put it on someone’s cut, the cut didn’t ‘fester’ and the arm didn’t end up needing amputation.  I don’t think the village wise woman would sit around visualizing their cut being healed- not without doing something medicinal too.

I do understand mind-body medicine and energy healing and I have some training in Reiki myself, which can do some really amazing things with the body and health.  However, bacteria and viruses just seem like such a physical thing to me and physical problems just seem to go so nicely with physical solutions.  So I’ll stick with my herbs and my clorox as a first line of defense.


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