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Mercury Retrograde!

I understand that the ‘mercury retrograde’ is almost over but I have had this entire (however many) weeks of the retrograde to think about what that all means.  First, I will admit that I am not a person with any astrology knowledge to speak of.  It makes my head hurt.  I also think I have a mental block about learning it because I read things and it just reads like “blah blah blah” to me, and I am not known for having any reading comprehension issues.  What I do believe I understand from what I have read is that during this time, Mercury appears to be moving “backward” in a manner of speaking, through the zodiac chart.  Since Mercury is the ruling planet that impacts communications, interpersonal and otherwise, people can expect that their communications can run all amok.  I am told that this also can impact communications devices like phones and computers and so forth.  There are some positive aspects of this retrograde thingie too that I won’t get into here because it’s not relevant to my main point.

This whole thing got me thinking.  Aren’t interpersonal communications and devices like phones and computers ALWAYS problematic?  Mine are.  I have noticed a lot of witches and assorted new age types blaming everything they possibly can on “the retrograde.”  They announce “mercury retrograde” before it starts like it’s the coming of the black plague.  Until I became aware of this great astrological mystery, I lived more than 30 years of my life just rolling with it when things ran afoul of how I wanted them to because I believe that’s just life.  Is it possible that things just go wrong in daily life and we are perhaps overthinking it by trying to find a reason why it must be the fault of Mercury going backward through the zodiac chart (or whatever it is, because truly, I don’t fully understand it)?

Is it possible that the reason a person got a speeding ticket was not because Mercury is retrograde but because she was speeding?  Is it possible that the reason a couple is arguing is because she isn’t sleeping well at night and he’s not taking his medication?  Is it possible that a guy’s computer flubbed up because he has been a slacker about installing his anti-virus software?  Furthermore, is it possible that these issues happen all the time, just as much, even when Mercury is doing whatever it is that it’s supposed to do when it’s not retrograde?    I think that’s possible. When does the line get crossed from witchy, arcane knowledge into just plain superstition?   I think it is possible that we’re overdoing it on the whole “retrograde” thing. 

 I hope I’m correct about this because Merury is retrograde a LOT and as a Gemini, Mercury is my ruling planet.  If I’m wrong about this whole thing, that would mean that I can look forward to being completely screwed for weeks and weeks every dang year.


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