The Healing Waters   2 comments

It’s been a long time since I posted, I know.  Life has been hard, I haven’t had much to say.  In fact, that’s a lie, I’ve had a lot to say but none of it is anything I want anyone to be subjected to.  It is hard to find magic in the cloud of pain, though it is there.  It is easy to crawl inside and isolate.

Dwightwood Spring

Anyway, I had a lovely trip up to Mackinac Island, which is in my home state of Michigan.  The island rests in the Straits of Mackinac, between the upper and lower peninsulas.   No motor vehicles are permitted (except, of course, fire truck and EMS), so everything is horse, carriage and bicycles.   We took a family trip up there, and it is one of the most spiritual places I have ever been.  The natives called it “The Great Turtle” in their language because of its shape on the horizon.  Anyway, I try to go every couple years.  I like to collect water from a spring that comes straight out of the middle of the limestone of the island.  It bubbles up and out the side of a huge limestone bluff and I collect water to bring it home and use for ritual purposes.  It is one of the only sources of water accessible to me that has not been through any man made conveyance or pipes.  It is supposedly not considered safe for drinking.  It used to be a stop for people to drink from and who knows why or whether it is safe but I always bathe my face and hands in it and give thanks for the icy healing running through my fingers at Dwightwood Spring.

No less poignant this year was my stop in Saint Anne’s church on the island.  They were having Mass when I appeared so I stepped out so they could finish but later I went back to take pictures and to collect some holy water.  I believe they bless the springwater they get there, adding to the healing and sanctity that I so desperately need for the times ahead.  My little boy wanted to be blessed with the holy water too.  He doesn’t really know what “holy water” means but something just told him it was what he wanted.  He also lit a vigil light with all of his 3 year old understanding that it meant to pray for somebody he loved to “get better.”  I lit one for my beloved dead.

It occurs to me that no matter the source, no matter the belief system, no matter the framework, the water is healing.  The water is protective womb and blessing and wholeness.  Water is tears.  The water is life.  It was a good thing to remember and I hope that it will serve to linger in my memory as I face the challenges ahead.

Saint Anne's Church on the Island


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2 responses to “The Healing Waters

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  1. Blessings and love to you, Jessica, during your challenging times. May the healing waters help wash away the pain… hazel

  2. So true…water has healing benefits, in every belief system I can think of. It’s universal, and beautiful. I know you’re more than strong enough for whatever challenges are being sent your way, but I hope they’re less challenging than you’re expecting. Here’s to your healing…and the healing of your loved ones…in difficult times.

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