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I hope it isn’t mean spirited that I found this completely hysterical as I read it today.   I had to share. Thus far at any pagan gathering I have attended, there have been no stabbings or tasings.  As I read it, I had to really concentrate to figure out who was doing what to which person.   I don’t know.  It’s just funny to me because I get such a visual of everyone singing and dancing and “Praise Jesus”ing and having a lovely time and it turns into this….

Church Brawl: Minister And Deacon Charged In Alabama Tasing and Stabbing

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 8/11/11 05:16 PM ET Updated: 8/11/11 05:20 PM ET

 A deacon at an Alabama church stabbed the minister of music’s mother after her son tased the church’s pastor in a church brawl on Sunday evening after services.

The brawl involved between 12 and 15 people, said Lori Myles of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, and allegedly began when the pastor of the New Welcome Church in St. Elmo, Ala. fired the church’s minister of music and gave him his final paycheck.

Simone Moore, New Welcome’s minister of music, allegedly tased Daryl Riley, the church’s pastor, while arguing about the amount of the check, says the sheriff’s office.

Harvey Hunt, a deacon at the church, stabbed Agolia Moore, Simone’s mother, in the arm with a pocketknife during the brawl, according to WPMI-15.

Agolia Moore, who said in an interview (available below) that her son was ganged up on and only tased the pastor after being provoked, received 19 stitches and surgery for her stab wounds.

Simone told AL.com that he teaches special education at the Mobile County public schools. He also ran unsuccessfully as a Democrat for U.S. Senate in 2010. According to his WHNT-19 biography, he’s also an R&B soul singer.

Myles, a public information officer with the Mobile County Sherrif’s office, told HuffPost that Simone has previously been arrested on charges of harassment, twice in 1996 and once in 1997 but the disposition of those cases could not immediately be determined.

She added that although more than a dozen people were involved in the fight, only Simone and Hunt were charged with crimes.

Simone turned himself in and has been charged with misdemeanor assault for tasing the pastor. Hunt, who remains at large, has been charged with a felony, according to Myles. The Associated Press reports that Simone, who’s 46, posted $1,000 bail.

For more, read the August 8 and August 9 reports at WPMI-15.

WATCH: Agolia Moore speaks to WPMI-15:

Seriously…just wow!!!  And taser guy teaches special education at the local school?!?  (Not anymore, I bet.)  And really, I have to know WHY anyone would be carrying a taser in their pocket to church anyway?   Some people just keep a pocket knife with them in general day to day life, I get that, but the taser?  Really?  Wow! 


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  1. You’re not alone. I giggled too. Hard not to, after all. Sounds like your standard bar-room brawl…in a CHURCH. And at least it’s not some odd-ball, weirded out, black-clad, drugged out, eyeliner abusing wanna-be high priestess something-or-other this time, giving the rest of us pagans a bad reputation! Sorry, I laughed, and was relieved as well!

  2. And then once again I have to say I just can’t get over the hilarity of someone actually bring a taser to church. Like, what was that thought process about? “Here’s my shirt, here’s my tie, here’s my assorted other Jesus-ish gear. Maybe my WWJD bracelet or whatever else……oh, wait. Almost forgot the taser!” I think that’s the part that makes me laugh hardest. Second place goes to the fact that when someone got knifed, it wasn’t Taser Guy. It was Taser Guy’s Mom! What the…..?? Other than giving birth to a complete idiot, what did the mom do to get herself knifed? Was she in there all hair pulling and kicking and knocking off people’s sunday hats or something? You can’t pay for entertainment that good.

  3. Would have LOVED to have been a fly on that particular wall…of course, it DOESN’T make me want to attend church anytime soon, just in case of viewing the hilarity. What, no one got this for youtube??? If they’re bringing tasers to church, SURELY someone had to have a camera that would shoot video!

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