In honor of Mabon   1 comment


Come my children, dance with me

around the fire wildly burning

Nevermind your flowers fading,

Nevermind your shortened hours.

Harvest, eat and drink your fill

as sun grows weak and weaker still.

How you love me and the scents

I cast upon the air for you.

Slow seduction, sleep and death,

you feel it whispering for you.

You know that soon my Sister comes

with frozen, bitter ground and breath.

You know the end of joy is near

and so you love me even more,

your final taste of warmth and lust

and plentiful fruits of the year.

The Spirits call you in my night,

they murmur, “Darlings, come with us!”

and though temptation pushes, sings and

urges your surrender to the dark

you dance the more, desire more, last moments

sweet with end so near.


Posted September 18, 2011 by Jessica in Uncategorized

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  1. I love this! Beautiful, descriptive way of describing what happens in fall. It is nothing to mourn – fall has its own beauty, doesn’t it?

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