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It has been forever since I posted on here and I have missed it but I guess in the giant horse race between the factors in my life, this horse went to the back of the pack.  I just didn’t feel like I had much to say, or what I had to say was not nice, or perhaps I didn’t have much time to say it.

Regardless, I have been beating my head against a wall trying to figure out something that happened to me (twice) and everyone around home looks at me like I have two heads when I bring it up.  I figured my blog friends may have some input!  In this posting is a picture of a card very close to the Hierophant of my own tarot deck.   Mine is called Legend: The Arthurian Tarot.   I think the card I pictured below is from Caitlin Matthews and mine is not.  My card is slightly different but similar concept.  Both decks have Taliesin as the Hierophant.  Other decks call this card the Pope card.

A couple weeks ago, we began fighting a mouse incursion of great and impressive proportions.  This included a lot of mouse poison cleverly hidden from children and the dog.  In the process of the rodent wars, those little crap heads attacked the dish of hard candies that I had placed on my altar for the beloved dead for grandma.  Some of you may recall that my sacred space is in my closet because it is the only place safe (somewhat) from my toddler.  Within a short period of time, the mice had gotten after the candy and it was all stuck to everything in there which just agitated me to no end.  I took it all apart, cleaned everything and put it all back together.  It felt good.

A couple days later, I found two tarot cards from a loose “back up” deck on a shelf in the closet area, on the floor.  It was the Hierophant and the King of Cups (not pictured).  Though it was days later and I knew better, my logical mind chalked it up to the big cleaning fest I had in there.  I paused when I saw the cards but I figured I must have disturbed the shelf in my cleaning.  I may be a witch but I don’t quickly or easily believe in phenomena.  I put the Hierophant back on the shelf, shoved the whole spare deck back farther behind some books and left the King of Cups out on a whim.  I wanted to look at it later.  The image on my King of Cups card is The Fisher King from Arthurian legend.

Two days later, the Hierophant was back in the middle of my floor again.  And lest I forget my King of Cups, my husband and the boys had a surprise for me.  They took me to a park on the river that was positively lined with fishermen.  About 45 Fisher Kings all in a row.  What the??  Okay.  So why are the Hierophant and the King of Cups throwing themselves into my attention ?

Being the pragmatist that I am, I tried a million ways to get more of the cards to fall off the shelf.  I shook it.  I waved fabric around it to make a breeze.  There is no window (it’s a closet). The deck is against a wall behind books.   Can’t walk past it and bump it.  They made their way to my floor for a reason.  I just don’t know what it is.

When it comes to messages from Spirit, I would rather get a memo.  Or a voice mail.  Something clear and hopefully with caller ID so I know who’s talking 🙂

I am working with a women’s group I was wondering if I would have to give up because I am swamped and busy and tired, but then the Hierophant makes me think no, I’m not supposed to.  King of Cups?  Who fricking knows.

Spirit is probably saying “I threw the cards on the floor for you for crying out loud!  I lined up 45 damn fisherman on the banks of the river for you.  What more do you want, a memo?”


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  1. Hi Jessica! Well, I seem to have major blocks on the significance of most Tarot cards, so I consulted the Tarot Bible. For the Hierophant, it said, “drawing this card means that you are ready to experience life in a different way. It is time to turn your attention to spiritual matters and find the real meaning and purpose of your life, as you search for a deeper understanding of where you fit into the scheme of things. You may make a connection with a spiritual mentor, or you may embark on a course of study of a philosophical or religious nature in order to acquire a deeper knowledge of yourself.” The King of Cups, interestingly, had a similar meaning, but I will paraphrase 🙂 — it essentially said its time to get in touch with your own feelings; there is opportunity for you to become more open; and it can signify someone (you!) able to channel their intuitive and creative skills into their work for the benefit of others. Since you were experiencing Attack of the Mice, too, I looked up the significance of Mouse in Ted Andrews Animal Speak. It had to do with attention and details, often paying too much attention to detail and losing sight of the larger picture, the grand scheme of things. It also suggested that there might be areas of life that are being highly concentrated on, while other areas are being neglected. I don’t know all the details, but it seems like sticking with the women’s group for now would probably be wise! Oh, and I have goosebumps with how the Universe is determined to ‘throw’ this message at you… Blessings! hazel

  2. Holy cow, Hazel. Thanks for this message. I read it a bit ago and just read it again and first of all, your book is quite a lot better than mine. Second of all, the messages make a bit more sense through this lens. Now I have more information to process and I think through the fog of confusion is emerging a message. Thanks. Sometimes I’m just too close to things.

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