Episode 1- Inaugural Episode 12/18 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio   3 comments

Episode 1- Inaugural Episode 12/18 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio.


My first attempt!  Still trying to figure out how to get the darn thing to upload into iTunes but here it is, nonetheless.


Posted December 18, 2011 by Jessica in Uncategorized

3 responses to “Episode 1- Inaugural Episode 12/18 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio

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  1. I LOVED IT!!!!

  2. Got a chance to hear it last night on MP3 while cleaning up the kitchen. Great job! I think a lot of spirituality minded folks might find it interesting, not just those specifically from earth-based traditions, though they certainly could too. What I’m saying is your presentation seemed so universal that almost anyone could relate to you.

    As to your question from the podcast – what do we do to nurture our spirituality inside busy lives? Ever since discovering Joseph Campbell I find I can finally make some sense out of The Bible, so I read from it every night. Probably going to start journaling on passages that grab me. Also, I’m heavily influenced by eastern meditative practices, so I try to meditate twice a day, without fail…. though some days it is just once since I have a son to keep up with. I’m also a member of a Unity Church. But mostly those things help me stay mindful that the stuff of life, the day-to-day mudane experiences, are spiritually relevant in and of themselves. Without the spiritual practices It is so easy to let that get away from me.

    • I need to spend a bit more time reading Joseph Campbell, though he has been a reference in quite a lot that I HAVE read. I’m going to dig more into that on your recommendation. I spent a good many years in bible study growing up so I would really enjoy seeing what insights I glean from reading Campbell with the current biblical foundation I have. I’m glad you enjoyed my first little shot at the podcast and I am happy that it had a broad range of interest. I am very multi-cultural myself, and earth-based tradition is not my only foundation, so perhaps that comes through.

      I really need to set some kind of a standard for myself for meditation. I find that I am so tired so often that I will fall asleep when I finally get time at night to meditate. I know my body needs this, and so I accept it. I know I will find the right routine at some point. I love what (very little) I know about the Unity Churches I have heard about because they are so very open and not prescriptive. They seem very much to honor the individual’s ability to find God in the way that they understand God best.

      You made a wonderful point here: the day to day “stuff” is significant in itself, and is not to be considered less important than the “spiritual.” In fact, that reminds me that the two cannot really be divided and perhaps that is where so many of us humans fall off the bus. Or perhaps it is a western problem. I am not sure I see as much of that division in Eastern traditions.

      Outstanding insights and feedback as always. Thank you so much!

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