Good riddance!   3 comments

Well, happy new year to everyone, and more importantly, good riddance to bad rubbish!  2011 and I have ended our relationship and not on speaking terms, either.  Irreconcilable differences, you know how it is.  No, we cannot be friends.

It was a bit of a year!  Yeah, I suppose I learned a lot.  Yes, I suppose that I built a lot of character.  Torture is good for that. (In truth, don’t tell 2011 that I said this, but it wasn’t ALL bad. ) I just can’t do it anymore.

In general, I tend to blame the Romans for everything.  There is virtually nothing I can’t think of to blame the Romans for.  Having said that, isn’t the current calendar theirs?  If so, then this time, the Romans get a plus in their column.  I’m really ready to leave the year (that shall not be hereafter named) behind me.

When the offending year was leaving, I didn’t even really say goodbye.  I sat with my bottle of wine on my couch with my blankie and husband, staying up late and watching True Blood (ahh, vampires that actually kill stuff and don’t sparkle!), eating some mini-cupcakes, pretending that those mini-cupcakes didn’t have as many calories (even if I ate a lot of them) and then crashing into a blissful slumber; the dreamless sleep of no past, no future, nothing but the “now.”  Outstanding.  Already, 2012 and I have an intriguing thing going on.  I mean, we’re not serious yet….we just met and all.  Still, I have a good feeling.

Of course, there’s that little thing about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world but….well, no relationship is perfect, right?


Happy New Year to all of you.  May you have so many blessings in your life that you think, “enough with the blessings, already!”

Thanks for being out there.  Have a beautiful year!




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3 responses to “Good riddance!

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  1. One word. AMEN!

    ok and a few more lol. I laughed my a$$ off reading this. I have the same relationship with Captain Morgan (and Tequila in truth); we are not friends and we no longer speak. On to the next flavor (I am liking Grey Goose these days) or in your case 2012.

    2012 seems to bring a stiring with in me that I can’t ignore, like change is on the winds.

    anyway Loved the post!

    • I have a feeling too, that this year will probably bring a reduction in suckage. I’m pretty sure. Probably.

      You should introduce me to your new friend Grey Goose. I hear he’s rather nice. 🙂

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