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This morning, the landscape is foggy.  It’s foggy to the point where they put the kids on a two hour delay for school, so the busses wouldn’t have to run in a half-lit fog.  A little late myself this morning, I took off for work and found even the expressway engulfed in waves of silken mist, hypnotic in its movement, drawing me onward in my little car toward my targeted exit, the lit gas station, the intersections, past flashing school crossing signs, and onward to my office building.  I understood better during that drive how sunrise, sunset, fog and other conditions create a liminal time, a sort of “between worlds” moment when nothing looks like it would usually look.  It is the quintessential layer of un-reality where I know that the “real” lies beneath but I don’t really have any interest in that.  The misty “between” is where I want to be.

 I drive and my mind departs to a great field, engulfed in white cottony softness that clings to my hair and clothes, guttering the flame of the candle I look down to notice is in my hand, and that I place in a small hollow at the base of a tree.  I feel myself drawing a symbol within a circle in the soil at the foot of the rough-barked trunk and then step inside it.  If I close my eyes and open them again, will I be somewhere else?  I see a man walk out of the billowing white toward me, and I know his shape and his gait and how his breath comes in the sound-dampened air, and I know that I have called him to me.  I know that he is glad and that this is not the first time.  It will not be the last.

Then, the sound of tires on expressway, semi truck and trailer up in the lane to my left rattle me out of my otherworld place.  My exit ramp rises up a few hundred feet ahead and I take it, surrendering myself back to this world to which I owe my time….for today.


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  1. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful

  3. Wow this was a beautiful experience… just to let your mind go with the flow of nature like this… the mist and fog which are so mysterious… lovely!

    • Thank you! I probably should officially say that it probably wasn’t terribly safe to have my mind elsewhere while on the road to work but it was what it was, and I got safely to where I was headed. 🙂 I noticed that driving and a few other activities are pretty trance inducing for me. I think that’s true for lots of people.

  4. Eh… driving is so easy to trace out in though… that morning was magical. I told my 8yr old son just that. Wide eye’d he looked outside and you could just see the possiblities rising in his mind. My co-workers complained and I just sat happily feeling the mystic morning engulf my wandering mind through my repeative morning work tasks… ahh good stuff here

    • Except for the possibility of plowing myself into a stationary object, the driving thing was very cool. You’re so right, how easy it is to trance out in the driving process, let alone in a gorgeous, cottony fog that makes everything go away except your thoughts.

  5. Poetic & lyrical — gorgeous post, Jessica! Made me yearn for a ‘tween the worlds moment!

    • Thank you so much! I could stand to have a couple more of those moments and soon! They are restorative in their way. And then I don’t really want to come back.

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