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ImageThe water is moving fast today.  Several boats sit less than a hundred feet from the dam where the water rips down into white rapids, foaming around the rocks.  They have to work hard to keep their boats in place with motors and I don’t know what else, maybe anchors.  The banks are lined with people, mostly dads and boys with fishing poles and nets in what is more than likely a vain hope of catching a fish.  The depth marker near the bank says “30 feet” sticking out in bright yellow against the dark river water.

Another thousand feet south is the highway bridge across the water, carrying cars through downtown on whatever important rush they are in.  I don’t know what could be so important on a Saturday like this one.  Skyscrapers rise up as though close enough to touch.  I’m sitting under a scrubby spruce tree on a knoll overlooking the riverbank.  Some families just congregate in the grass around the banks, I guess, to be out in the weather.  Couples hold hands.  The birdsong is loud, probably in competition with the loud rush of the river.  I think for a moment that I would give just about anything to be alone with this water’s energy right now; to shake off human interaction and be still here along the song of spring’s bursting river.  The wave of newness, the wave of spring, comes up off that water to hint at seasons of growth ahead, seasons of adventure available to me if I just take them.  Yes, I long to be alone here, greedily taking every bit of this healing rush for myself, letting it send my blood racing like the river does. 

Yet, I know that I can’t; that life is calling me out and out and among the entire clan of the green world.  The noise of the wider world is as it should be, the song of the human experience to remind me that it is time to wake up.  Ready or not, no more time for sleep or withdrawal, no more time for hollow and cold.  Only the awakening cry of this river and the children and the cars on the expressway, the birds and the hot redness of the sun as it starts to slide down the sky.


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2 responses to “Wake Up

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  1. Water has always been such a soothing calming element… Beautiful post!

  2. Beautiful! I, too, get cranky when I am being pulled out into the roaring chaos of the “real” world as it’s time for action and movement, when all I really want is to retreat into the lush green solitude of Self and the tree I am under…

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