Episode 5- Treasures from the Earth Crystals and Stones 03/25 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio   9 comments

Episode 5- Treasures from the Earth Crystals and Stones 03/25 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio.

We spent just a little time together talking about the creative ways that people use stones and crystals, including my own thoughts on them.

Opening Music: ย Wild Mountain Thyme by The Brobdingnagian Bards

Closing Music: Lady of the Lake by Elaine Silver


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9 responses to “Episode 5- Treasures from the Earth Crystals and Stones 03/25 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio

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  1. Jessica, I enjoyed every minute of your fifth episode. Thank you for sharing so gracefully your personal experience with Gaia’s jewels.

    There are holed stones in the Great Lakes. I spent a few weeks a long time ago in Collingwood (Georgian Bay) and they were commonly found on a certain pebble beach at a stone throw distance from the Coast Guard base. We add a collection of them on the window sill. I only kept two. One with wild holes and the other with a beautiful pair of ordovician creatures. To me, they are lovers that have been side by each for 500 millions years.

    • That’s so beautiful! The very idea of the years upon decades upon eras and millenia it takes to form and shape the beautiful pieces of our planet stuns me and humbles me and I just feel like such a tiny blink in the great eye of the universe. It’s amazing. Next time I am up near the top of Michigan, there are some very rocky areas along Lakes Huron and Michigan where perhaps I will poke around for holed stones that will consider coming home with me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for listening and being out there.

      • Good luck with your treasure hunt! Just let yourself be guided in the middle of the pepples. It worked for me.

      • I will be headed north this summer so this gives me something else to be excited about! I imagine I can put my three year old to work with the search too. I can’t keep that little guy away from rocks. He wanted to bring most of the Lake Huron shoreline home with us last year and I had to tell him to slow down a little; leave some stones for the rest of Michigan, if he doesn’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Such a good idea to get the kids involved. But will he help or become a competing hunter? In the long run, they say cooperation wins. So hope you find a few beautiful specimen so you can both have a reward.

    Speaking of kids involvement, I never read about kids in occult books. It’s mostly about personal experience and an egocentric view of the universe. Very strange isn’t?

    • It could go either way with Stevie. He will either decide he really likes what he found, or maybe he will decide he wants mama to have a present. Maybe we can find two ๐Ÿ™‚ He likes all of them, though, and would bring home the whole lakeshore in a basket if he could. If I tell him I only want one and he can have all the rest of the stones he can hold, I bet we would have a great compromise that he could live with. It’s all in the negotiation ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s young enough right now that he just accepts many things as a matter of course and does not overthink them or compare them to what other people think or worry about what other people think. If I hang a little charm over his bed and tell him it’s to help him have good dreams and have safe sleep, he just says “Okay, thank you Mommy.” What a great age!

      Now that you mention it, I really don’t read a lot about children and families in occult books. You’re so right. That really is interesting. I understand that there is some work that an adult must do alone for the sake of personal development, and for that matter, some peace and quiet to concentrate. Having said that, there are certain aspects of spirituality that are related to one’s world view, so if families isolate children from that altogther, children just have no spiritual foundation of any kind that they can build upon or adapt when they start coming up with their own ideas about the world. I have seen books that have suggested outright that anyone with children should not even be attempting to work with occult or pagan concepts because they can’t devote themselves entire to it, being too busy with the family. I think that’s somewhat ridiculous. It seems there is a gap in literature and discussion about how family life and occult study work together and how, the challenges and barriers or the benefits. I think there is also a gap in discussion about these things in context of the greater community and culture, because as you noted, it’s very egocentric. That’s a great observation! I don’t know if that’s related to occultism still being a bit of a cultural “out group” which isolates the individual by default, or if it’s the culture of modern people who can be very focused on ‘self’ even to the point of acting a little entitled. (or very entitled!)

      • Did also think about it today and I was amaze to see that I could find so many reasons why occult books authors should simply avoid the subject of kids.

        Also, I checked in my rock collection and found that I have an extra holed stone from Collingwood. I could send it your way.

      • That’s a wonderful offer, thank you so much of thinking of me! I will message you via Facebook about this. Are you sure it’s okay, though? It sounds special and has good memories attached to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It is ok. like I said, it is an extra stone. You deserve it.

    Will be away most of the weekend.

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