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So, as occasionally happens in certain spiritual communities, I just ran into (via email) a gentleman who evidently believes he knows quite a lot of stuff.  He is a (his quote) “20 year Celtic High Priest” in a tradition I have never heard of…and I have heard of a lot.  He found me on a networking site evidently.  As I like to do, I decided to listen, and be curious and ask questions.  It’s a thing I try to do, instead of forming an opinion.  I mean, he approached me, I don’t know why but he evidently felt he had something to say and some reason to introduce himself as a 20 year high priest of something or other.  (Oh and on his second email he already gave me his phone number.  Really?  wow.) 

He then proceeded to tell me what his Grandfather allegedly taught him about the “Celtic Creation Myth.”  I liked reading about it.  I did not feel that I needed to point out to him that it flies absolutely in the face of anything that has been recorded in writing (which I agree is scant) about the grouping of cultures that make up the “Celtic” people, who are by no means one group of people with one single religion historically.  It was his story and he liked it and that is great.  I thanked him for sharing it with me.  I told him briefly about how I relate to the culture and how it applies to my own practices, whereupon he praised me (with a bit of a paternal tone) for being “a true celtic woman” whatever that means, considering it’s all reconstructed anyway.  He then let me know he would be looking for “apprentices” to teach and that he would even be “training a high priestess.”  He then proceeded to offer me a copy of the initiate training outline so I could learn how I too could study under him and he would then reveal to me a tiny piece more of occult power as I proceeded to learn from his great wisdom.   Yes, I am starting adopt a tone because he was starting to chafe my hind end a little bit.  (sigh)

I mean, I went out of my way not to point out to him how phenomenally culturally misapplied his entire concept is because you know, it makes him happy and it isn’t doing any harm.  He, however, is one of those socially impaired practitioners who doesn’t understand that it is not impressive to launch into a speech about how awesome one is within two emails.  I gently let him know how I interact with the culture, how it applies to my practice and my life as a woman.  I also pointed out that his cosmology and creation concept has absolutely(or very little) female presence in it, which is not how I personally perceive it but that I was happy if it was meeting his needs.  I indicated that if he is looking to grow a coven with males and females he may need to look at that.  I let him know which deities I work with and how. 

This gentleman (I apply the term graciously) proceeded to correct me (heh) about any number of things including that one of the deities I have “hosted” in my person is actually locked up by “Lir” the sea god.  In fact, he “corrected” me about everything I said.  I told him that I hate to break it to “Lir”, but that deity he thinks he locked up is out and kicking, as I know personally.  Frankly, she is not the kind of goddess I would go about demeaning either.  She’ll kill ya.  Really….she’ll kill ya.   See, I don’t have to tell him that unless he has a direct dial line to “Lir” and his underworld prison so he can check for himself, he just may be mistaken.   I don’t like to say it because it’s arrogant but I know what I know.  What is wrong with the recon people anyway?? Seriously.  I mean, do I need to tell him that I have some serious game?  No.  I don’t need to tell him that what I can bring in would bring him to his knees.  Do I need to tell him why everything he is saying is no more true or less true than anything I have to say and that the validity lies in the ability for today’s individual to find meaning in it?   No.  Because he is arrogant and probably is not interested in hearing that.  And my telling him that would be arrogant.  I don’t want to be arrogant.  (If I’m arrogant, please notify me so I can correct that, seriously.)

But I’m pretty sure I won’t be “training” to be his apprentice in hopes of being his High Priestess who he has made it clear is there to perform the “great rite” with him.  (snort)  Yeah.  That’s going to happen…..

And I repeat, really, what is wrong with people?  🙂


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  1. Arrogant, indeed! And dare I say predatory?? I was a bit naive when I first jumped head first into the Neo-Pagan waters, and I remember my husband being particularly incensed by how a guy was speaking to me during a chat (yes, I think I was in a Wiccan chat room, what was I thinking as such a newbie?!). I got offended because I (wrongly) assumed my hubby wasn’t supporting my freshly discovered yet life altering belief system, but in hind sight, I really think he was protecting me from a “bad guy.” Sadly, because of the overwhelming amount of women in these paths, I wonder if men “join” with less than admirable intentions…or with the promise of the great rite in the forefront of their pants, I mean, minds :)…

    • I think that men can see other men and what they’re up to better than I do much of the time. Your husband probably got a vibe off of him pretty immediately! I understand starting out and thinking there’s no way anyone is that scummy. And then we find out that a lot of them are! Great rite indeed . I don’t even know how they say that stuff with a straight face half the time!

  2. ROTFLMAO – Oh that was a good read! thank you I needed some giggles
    Love you!

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