Four Quarter Challenge-Day 1   Leave a comment

They say confession is good for the soul, so I’ll try it.  Today was day 1 of my “four quarter challenge” in which I encourage all of my magical friends within pod-range to commit to doing at least one magical, devotional or spiritual thing per week for the next four quarters of the moon.  I was all excited because today is the first day and while it doesn’t matter which day this week I do whatever I decide to do, I really had my hopes set on today.  It is the first day, after all and it would be fun.   It could be anything.  The possibilities were endless!

However, as I was bemoaning on the podcast, life does what life does and sometimes, my magical moments get pre-empted by something else.  Today that “something else” was an agonizing migraine.  I have had migraines for less than a year and not very often.  I am therefore rather uneducated about them and what to do about them when I don’t have medicine for them because I refuse to accept that I will ever have one again.  (Poor reasoning, I know.)  So, I am just now finally getting a break from it.  However, suffice it to say that there was nothing wonderful and magical going on here today unless you count taking a whole lot of ibuprofen, covering my eyes, trying to avoid noise (impossible) and wanting it to be over.  I don’t count taking motrin and a really hot shower out of desperation as magical acts. 

In a way, this is good.  This is entirely in keeping with me “be flexible and release expectations” theme for the challenge.  Magic has to fit within what is really happening.  It is part of life, not outside of life.  Today, my day was not terribly magical.  It taught me to be flexible.  Yes, I was disappointed but disappintment is not an emergency.  There are more days left this week and one of them is waiting for me, full of opportunity.  I wish the same for you; at least six more chances this week for something very special to happen.


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