Underhill   3 comments


 The Fey live down in Underhill;

I see them come forth in the night,

sometimes with tiny jeweled lamps

to shine their starry secret light.

Some Folk are fair and wise and true

and ruled the Isles before man came.

Their joys and sorrows shaped the land

and history marked their cunning fame. 

Some Fey are hard and clever folk

who will not bide at all with man.

The people fear their vexing touch

and shun their mounds across the land.

Yet there is magic to be had

amongst the cunning ancient race

that I shall gather all in all

before they fade without a trace.








Posted May 18, 2012 by Jessica in Uncategorized

3 responses to “Underhill

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  1. Ohh it’s such a lovely poem. I love feys. 🙂

    • I wrote this for a creative writing class and as we come up upon the summer solstice fairly soon, I found it in my notebook and thought I’d share it.

  2. Ooooo I am swepted away into imagination with this!

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