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I realized yesterday morning  that I just couldn’t stand to be in my home anymore.  There was clutter, clutter, and dirt, dirt dirt dirt.  On top of that, the place just felt murky.  Everyone had been sick and stuff in the house kept breaking.  It just felt oppressive and crappy.  It was ridiculous.  About the last thing I wanted to do on my Saturday was clean, but it needed cleaning and at more than just a physical level.

I work all week and I come home to a fairly crazy household.  There’s not a lot of time to clean during the week except the  required upkeep of laundry, dishes, some vacuuming and at least enough pick up that we don’t break our necks on a fire truck or blocks or a train track.  After a while, that’s just not enough and all of the stuff that has gathered into the corners feels like it’s looming over me.  So I went nuts cleaning.  Keep in mind, this consisted of cleaning the largest deposits of dirt and dust, with the larger portion of the event being the taming of clutter.  Clutter can really hang around your neck like an albatross.  The physical cleaning took at least an hour.  Mind you, it was not all “clean” in an hour but the house was tamed.  Critical to the process was to get light and air into every room.  Moving air, mind you.  Not just opening windows but putting on the ceiling fans and whatever else I could come up with.

It didn’t feel clean though.  In fact, it didn’t even feel tamed yet.  I lit candles in strategic locations.  I have a censer with some nice lava rock in it and charcoal tablets and I made a nice loose incense of rue, frankincense, vervain, white sage, goldenseal and a couple of other bits.  Starting at the top of the house, I put those herbs on the coal and started letting that smoke drift into each room.  I had to keep it moving because that kind of smoke indoors can be a little overpowering.  (I’ve had some smoke alarm incidents!  That’s a shocking way to get things moving.)  I realized as I got through the three bedrooms upstairs, “This smells terrible!  It needs lavender.”  If you ask me, lavender is the cure for all ills and just smells better when you burn it.  So I threw that in there too.  About that time, the frankincense resin tear started to burn and then we had something really beautiful drifting in the air.  I functionally fumigated the whole house up to and including closets.  Can’t hurt; might help.  After that was done, I blended a cleansing mist of water from a natural source, witch hazel extract, and assorted magical oils I had made for such purposes previously.  I threw in some lemon and eucalyptus because that just smells clean, no two ways about it.  I put it in a spray mister that has a chunk of hi john floating in the bottom and sprayed the air and just about every porous surface I could find.

The end result was a much better living space.  A clean house that suddenly I felt I could breathe in.  The secondary result is that I was exhausted.  The entire process took less than two hours.  As I processed this idea, however, I know that though I didn’t realize it, I had just performed a two hour act of magic.  I moved around extremely quickly while deeply focused on my intent, depleted my physical resources (didn’t drink or eat anything all day…duh) and must have used a whole lot of spiritual energy to push the etheric darkness out of the domicile.  That’s a lot of work.  I was shaking when I was done.  So memo to me: eat something, drink something and channel some energy in next time so I can use it like a battery, or I’ll be wiped out.  Like this time!  It got the job done though, that is for sure. I made a rookie mistake while doing it, but it really was worth it.

I didn’t have time to do a cleansing on myself after that mess so I got to that later before bed.  I put both of the little ones in a little sea salt bath this morning just to make sure they were squared away too.  The day is beautiful today.  I have all the windows open again and managed the new toy mess that had already cropped up in the living room.  Other than the flies that have made it inside because Stevie keeps opening the door to come in and out…in and out….it still feels pretty good.


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  1. You have been in my house when it has been very cleansed… if you walked in there now… OMG CRAP EVERYWHERE – I can’t wait to do this!

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