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So, I really did end up retreating my sacred space to the place under the stairs.  This environment is big enough for my one short book case-type-thingie with three shelves (and their contents), my cauldron, the mirror I put behind the cauldron and that’s pretty much it.  Oh, and I fit in there too.  Though, standing up doesn’t work that well if I don’t want to bash my forehead on the underside of the stairs.  It does leave room for me to curl up in my nook behind my little privacy screen under the stairs, lean against the (cold) concrete wall with my legs curled under me, and do my work.  I am getting used to it and it’s going okay.  I can find things without having the bright utility room lights on.  That’s a good sign.

There’s one little issue, though.  I go into my space from time to time and find that the screen has not been disturbed, so none of the small humans have been in there.  One of the household dwellers managed to knock my mirror over sideways but I got a confession out of him.   Yet, despite the lack of “breaking and entering” evidence, unusual items keep manifesting in my cauldron.  Last week, it was little plastic green pea pods from my daughter’s toy cooking set.  On Saturday, it was a small toy frog.  A couple weeks ago, there was a pink baby sock.  I suspected my toddler instantly, but she leaves no evidence of her coming or going.  She also doesn’t disturb any other items in that area one bit.  I start to think that perhaps my child is so secretive and stealthy, she should work for the NSA.  Considering she refuses to talk, she seems like an outstanding candidate.

The answer became clear last night, however.  I had snuck down into my area when everyone upstairs was getting ready for bed.  I just wanted to collect something but it was so nice and quiet that I stayed there for a couple of minutes.  Then I heard in the kitchen above me some tiny little steps.  This can only be the baby spy.  I sat quietly and heard the basement door creek open just  a little.  I hadn’t latched it.  There was some quiet shuffling of her crawling down a couple stairs on her backside and then a “plunk” as a small rubber ball fell into my cauldron.  There is a small opening between the side of the stairs, and the wall; just perfect for tiny toys to be dropped through.  Then I heard her little giggle.  She’s a crafty one.


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  1. Oh I giggled as I can just picture her doing this LOL

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