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So here’s a little about me, in case anyone cares to know!  I’m Jessica, married, with three children.  I’m completely in love with those little humans.  I work in a psychiatric hospital, and am the woman that people can complain to if they think their rights have been violated.  This makes for exhausting, fascinating and sometimes completely humorous work.  (This week, I got a complaint from a gentleman stating:  “I have a right not to have dumb bitches teach me stupid shit.”  It was written very neatly on a formal complaint form and I had to issue a formal response to him.  If this not funny to you, avoid the mental health industry.)    I pay my taxes, I wash my dishes, I grumble about shoveling snow and am generally a normal person.

I am a person of magic.  I am also a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.  I have a hard time with being called a witch sometimes because the label doesn’t fit with most people that call themselves witches.  I’m not afraid of being stigmatized as evil.  Rather, I am afraid of being stigmatized as annoying and weird.  There is an idea of what a “witch” is, within the witchy community, that tends to annoy me.  To me, “witch” is an occupational title, “witchcraft” is an art and science, or skill set.  It is not a religion, though one can attach it to a religion if they so choose.  The religion and the magic have gotten so entangled that people don’t know the difference anymore.

You may or may not have noticed that a lot of “witches” tend to go out of their way to be as “witchy” as they possibly can, walk around saying things like “never again the burning!!” and wear about eighteen pentacles on their body,  and have a lot, and I mean a LOT of crystals, chalices, athames and other gear they feel they need to be good witches.  That’s all good, if one enjoys that.   Still,  some of us are just people, living their lives, living them with magic in them. Eighty five bumper stickers with witchy slogans does not a witch make.   You either have magic or you don’t.  End of sentence.

I’ve studied on my own and in groups for about 15 years now, in my own way and in specific traditions.  I am not going to give you a litany of initiations and degrees and who I studied under.  You don’t care.  If you do care, you shouldn’t.   I am not more special than anyone else, but I think I have some ideas to share, so I’ll post them here.

So this page is devoted to the real magical folk.  The ones who dress however they want to; whatever their inner “witch” looks like to them.  If that’s a flowing cloak and a pointy hat, have at it.  If it’s jeans and a sweatshirt, go for it.  The point is to be true, and authentic; to live your truth.  Be at peace with the idea that your truth is going to change from time to time.  Be at peace even when others are at war with your truth.   I have learned three lessons along the way that I will share, in case you can use them.  It took me a while to figure them out myself, so hey, if these thoughts can help you, that’s great:

1.  Use what you’ve got, or you will lose it.

2.  If your perceptions, your lifestyle, your relationships or your idea of who you are haven’t been challenged since you started exploring magic, you aren’t exploring magic.

3.  This is hard work.  If the work does not bring you joy, adjust your compass and walk another road.

Many blessings to you,



Posted January 10, 2011 by Jessica

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  1. So refreshing to read!

  2. how come I never knew about your blog, Jess? lol…at any rate I found it thru Hazel’s…glad you’re brave enough to write this…maybe some day I will too…thx for being you! love you lots ~ Anne

  3. Well stated. My spirituality is hard to define too. I am not a Witch or Wiccan, though some friends are. I go to a Unity Church, which draws from a metaphysical interpretation of The Bible. There are also Shamanic elements to my path and I start my formal training some time this year. Like Anne, I found your blog through a link on Hazel’s. I enjoy both blogs. Clearly you are both very thoughtful people.

  4. Thanks for your comments on my blog today. I am very happy to discover your blog. Refreshingly real and down to Earth.

  5. I resonate with what you are saying about doing things our own way, being real. I am delighted you are completely in love with al your children. 🙂 That is such a glorious feeling.

  6. i love it!!!! you sound like me 😉 i’m happy to find others that taught themselves and are solitaries.

    • There is a great freedom in learning on our own because we aren’t fenced in by other people’s perceptions and limitations. It’s awesome.

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