Episode 18- Sacrificial Kings 04/21 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio   Leave a comment

Episode 18- Sacrificial Kings 04/21 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio.


Giving some love to our  male deities, our green men and our sacrificial heroes and kings!  Also, enjoy a song from Damh the Bard.  Please enjoy and have a wonderful spring.


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2012 in review   Leave a comment

This was fun to read.  It shows what my simple little amateur blogging efforts have yielded.  Some of you are mentioned as commentors or referral sources. 🙂  Happy New Year to all.


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Moon of the Winter Queen   2 comments

I caught sight of a golden full moon that turned rapidly white on my drive home from work.  It hung low over a snowy landscape and it was mesmerizing for the few seconds I could look at it without sliding into anyone on the expressway.  It is darn slippery tonight.

We just got done celebrating the return of the light, and a young solar god coming back to pierce the night. Yet, lest we celebrate too soon, we have most of the wintery-est part ahead of us here.  It’s the time of the winter queen.  A lot of people focus on a crone concept of the feminine divine at this time of year and I suppose that’s fine.  But what about the queen?    What about the wisdom and our right to rule; a right we have gained by learning icy, stormy lessons?  It’s a bittersweet personal power with a hard edge; the kind that nothing can take away from us, because we earned it.  The hard way.  It’s a lonely sort of power, sort of like the loneliness of the moon in tonight’s white and black sky.

So from now on, I will celebrate the Moon of the Winter Queen each full moon after the winter solstice each year.  I imagine this will be less festive and more contemplative but it will include doing something loving and honorific for myself.   I imagine that my crown has a jewel in it for every mistake I made and hard life lesson I learned.   And, my friends, my crown has a LOT of jewels.  I have earned them, in all of the wrong ways, but to the final benefit of my growth.  In fact, I was just getting ready to make a couple of those errors all over again, and didn’t after all.   I’ll just take those lessons, and with the strength they gave me, rule.

Guys, you can get in on this too.  There must be some scratches on the armor of your youth; some notches in your sword.  You earned them, you may as well celebrate them.  Men and women both, we have some scars.  Our shields have taken some hits.  We are people of valor.  No one ever became a legend by staying home where the wind never blows.    In a nice fairy tale world, we don’t talk about our mistakes.  In the world of courage, the courage it takes to accept the blast of icy wind in your face, our hard won lessons are worthy of wearing with dignity.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Episode 14- The Wild Hunt 10/29 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio   Leave a comment

Episode 14- The Wild Hunt 10/29 by Jessica Ann | Blog Talk Radio.


Blessed Samhain or Happy Harvest time to all!

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Gifts from Above   1 comment

So, I really did end up retreating my sacred space to the place under the stairs.  This environment is big enough for my one short book case-type-thingie with three shelves (and their contents), my cauldron, the mirror I put behind the cauldron and that’s pretty much it.  Oh, and I fit in there too.  Though, standing up doesn’t work that well if I don’t want to bash my forehead on the underside of the stairs.  It does leave room for me to curl up in my nook behind my little privacy screen under the stairs, lean against the (cold) concrete wall with my legs curled under me, and do my work.  I am getting used to it and it’s going okay.  I can find things without having the bright utility room lights on.  That’s a good sign.

There’s one little issue, though.  I go into my space from time to time and find that the screen has not been disturbed, so none of the small humans have been in there.  One of the household dwellers managed to knock my mirror over sideways but I got a confession out of him.   Yet, despite the lack of “breaking and entering” evidence, unusual items keep manifesting in my cauldron.  Last week, it was little plastic green pea pods from my daughter’s toy cooking set.  On Saturday, it was a small toy frog.  A couple weeks ago, there was a pink baby sock.  I suspected my toddler instantly, but she leaves no evidence of her coming or going.  She also doesn’t disturb any other items in that area one bit.  I start to think that perhaps my child is so secretive and stealthy, she should work for the NSA.  Considering she refuses to talk, she seems like an outstanding candidate.

The answer became clear last night, however.  I had snuck down into my area when everyone upstairs was getting ready for bed.  I just wanted to collect something but it was so nice and quiet that I stayed there for a couple of minutes.  Then I heard in the kitchen above me some tiny little steps.  This can only be the baby spy.  I sat quietly and heard the basement door creek open just  a little.  I hadn’t latched it.  There was some quiet shuffling of her crawling down a couple stairs on her backside and then a “plunk” as a small rubber ball fell into my cauldron.  There is a small opening between the side of the stairs, and the wall; just perfect for tiny toys to be dropped through.  Then I heard her little giggle.  She’s a crafty one.

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Contains flammable ingredients!   2 comments

Oh good grief.  What has gotten into me lately?  Or was it already there?

I’m like some kind of little friendly mammal that was usually reasonably clever, pleasant, usually even lovable.  Now I am the furry mammal that tears people’s faces off from time to time.  Like a werewolf, but more girly.

I have tried to assess what has gotten into me with my sudden desire to “stand up for myself,” often at the top of my lungs.  The throwing of projectiles may, or may not, be involved.   The reason I find it puzzling is that I don’t think there’s anyone to stand up to.  No one is really oppressing me.  No one is keeping me down.  Yet, I feel a terrible craving for freedom.  Freedom from what?  I don’t know!

Could this be hormones?  I don’t know that either.  I do know that if anyone of the male gender were to suggest such a thing, here she comes again:  fire breathing, angry freaked out screaming battle raven.  Not good!  Is she fun to be around?  Possibly.  Depends on if she likes you or not.  The dark queens are party girls, but it’s not a lovely, ethereal garden party.  It’s very earthly, and it’s very primal.

I have gotten extremely sensitive to the seasonal cycles; even more than I was before.  However, that really ought to be calming me down, considering the entire planet is slowing down….down…down.  At least in my hemisphere.   This does not seem to be slowing me down, though.  No doubt, I am descending to a kind of darkness, but it’s a wild kind of threshold darkness, not a sleepy darkness of peace.  It is the kind of descent where the obedient, socially appropriate mom and citizen who always lives up to her responsibilities dies a pretty easy death and leaves behind a wild woman, full of  passions both light and dark, tears free from her good girl clothes, and heads out to ride the sky with the Wild Hunt.  It’s all so Jungian I can hardly stand myself.  I am a cliche…I am a parody of myself!  The humor of this is not lost on me. (Though if someon else told me that, I may remove their spine.)

I do know that the desire for freedom is like wanting oxygen, and anything that keeps me from whateve this elusive “freedom” is all about suddenly becomes the target of my fight or flight instincts (which evidently are rather good!) and they may be taking their lives in their hands by interacting with me.  The only real exception to this is my children, though no doubt, I have considered lately how I might scoop them up all snuggly in their pajamas with our little suitcases packed and creep away into the night to go on grand adventures of fabulous freedom where all we need is each other, there are no rules and no responsibiliies and all we need to do is have fun, love and be loved, and throw off the shackles of the oppressive grey world of duty.

So I guess it’s not really about anger or rage.  It’s about the desire for freedom and for the things of joy that are being drowned out by the relentless drums of schedule, tasks, meetings, chores, eating my vegetables and trying to get some sleep in the process.  The world is about to curl in on itself for a season and I think I’m incubating something new inside.  Maybe my crazy fire breathing woman is just here to make sure no one stops that tiny little embryo of “new me” from coming into being.  We’ll see.  I think I should wear a helmet and other protective gear until it’s over.  I should also be restricted from access to flammable materials and possibly sharps. 🙂

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