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Brigid’s Healing Milk Bath   Leave a comment

When my spirit needs nourishment…….

So today I’m at work, just trying to get through my day.  Phone is ringing off the hook and none of it was any kind of good news.  In keeping with that theme, my doctor’s office called with some bad test results.  I’m going to need some more tests.  They’re looking for early signs of the big “C”, of the cervical variety.  Seems I have some bad cells misbehaving and considering a promotion to “cancerous.”  Not what I needed to hear today.  Or ever.

I have told others this before so I’m saying it again.  Women, I truly believe, are more vulnerable to the female genitourinary dysfunctions when they have had some kind of trauma, emotional or physical.  Something that strikes at their core as a woman.  Maybe it was physical abuse.  Maybe it was mental abuse to the degree that it made her feel small and unwanted, unwelcome and unloved.  For some of us, like me, it started when we were little girls.  Someone made us feel just not quite good enough, not pretty enough, not feminine enough. (We were allowed to be smart and strong, of course…just not beautiful.)  Some of us started out fine and took trauma from the hands and words of an abusive romantic partner, or some other situation.  I think it festers in us, if we don’t fix it, eating away at our spirits, and then our emotions and eventually attacking our bodies in the most feminine of places.  It’s like a road map; the body says, “Listen to me, woman and listen now!”

I don’t have all the answers but I know I can do something to love myself today.  Or at least pretend I love myself, until maybe someday I really will.  ‘Tis the season for Imbolc and Brigid and in honor of this very feminine goddess, I made myself a nice healing milk bath.  Try it…I feel wonderful.  I will try to remind myself that I should feel this way every day.  I am fresh out of the tub and writing this, to you, whoever reads it….nourish yourself.

-Make a tea of any of the following herbs you can get your hands on: lavender, rose petals, blessed thistle, lady’s mantle or vervain.  Strain and add to a clean bottle.

-Add vanilla extract, and a few drops of essential oils: rose or rose geranium, rosemary and something with a grassy or garden-ish scent.  Lavender’s good.

-Throw in some witch hazel extract if you have it

-Add a teaspoon of sea salt.  The sea is our mother.  The ocean is your womb.  Love it.

-A teaspoon of honey

-Half a cup of milk

Shake it all up in a nice clean jar, light a white candle in your bathroom, fill a hot tub of water and pour in your healing mixture.  Soak, baby, soak!

If we don’t learn to love our bodies, I think they will turn on us.  All of our negative self talk and the abuse from our exterior lives will chip away at our soul first and then our emotions and then our bodies, attacking us at the core of our womanhood.  Heal, woman, heal.


Posted January 17, 2011 by Jessica in Self care

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