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The Witches Garden.


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I thought I would share this because it came in handy for me in October.  We live in what I call an interesting neighborhood.  And by interesting, I mean that we have neighbors who behave badly sometimes, which often involves police calls, screaming, etc.   To make a long story short, our neighbors directly across the street had about 13 people living in their one-family home.  It was full of drifters and “friends” and whatever else, and they would crash everywhere.  They also had two little kids in there.  They assumed my husband had called  Child Protective Services on them, as that agency had appeared at the home to investigate the wellbeing of the two children living in there.  My husband was not the one who called CPS, but you can’t reason with crazy people.    Nine or ten of the 13 inhabitants came outside screaming and yelling at my husband, threatening him for calling CPS, promising violence, while he’s carrying our little toddler in his arms and bringing his 9 year old home from school.  Not fricking cool.  A good portion of the 9 threatening persons were young and generally full of assorted controlled substances so they were at some risk to attempt to carry out their threats of “revenge” against my family.  Police couldn’t act because no one had done anything yet (we asked).  My husband can take care of himself but I didn’t want the children anywhere near that.  So I went to spiritual solutions and this is the resulting, very effective work that I did.

 Timing:   Saturday after dark but before midnight is best, but as a reasonable person, do the work when the work is needed if it can’t wait. 

On my front porch I placed my cauldron, incense censer with lit charcoal and a black crayon.  (Chalk would work but I didn’t have any.)  In the cauldron was a lit black candle.  I let it sit out there and burn for a few minutes while I went inside to get some other things together.

On my stove, I boiled hot water and made a tea of fumitory, mandrake root, vervain, white oak bark and wormwood.  (This is NOT for drinking!!  Do not drink this unless you are looking to get very very very very very sick and maybe die.  Seriously, mandrake and wormwood are both cumulative poisons.)  I cooled this tea, and added sea salt.

I brought the tea blend outside in a bowl.  I also took more of the same herbs (fumitory, mandrake root, vervain, white oak bark and wormwood) in their dried form out to the front porch and sprinkled them on the burning charcoal.  I found that for outdoor work like this, I like to lay it on thick.    I like to see smoke billowing out all around me if I’m outside.

I took the black crayon and drew the astrological sign of Saturn  (see picture to the right) on my front porch steps, on my back porch steps and at the curb in front of my house, between me and my crazy neighbors.  I work silently and don’t  say or chant things but my intentions are strong and repetetive in my thoughts.  In this case, my intention was that no one meaning harm to my family had better cross those symbols unless they want a spiritual beating like they have never had before.  Saturn is good for that.

After that, I went back and put more herbs on the charcoal and carried it around the perimeter of the property, leaving a nice smoke trail behind me.  I placed it back on the front porch and let it smoke.  Then I took the tea mixture and sprinkled it around the perimeter, then pouring it out in thirds across both porches and then the front curb where the symbols were drawn.

I let the herbs smoke out on the porch and let the candle burn down, locked up the house and  finished up with a good solid cleansing bath.  It’s always good to do that after protection work and I was really really smokey anyway, from my burning herbs.

No one bothered us after that.  They were still angry and would glare at us from across the street or make assorted obscene gestures at my husband for a couple more weeks.  No one stepped one foot across our curb; not one foot.  One of the younger males from across the street paced around his own side of the curb a couple times and came out to about the middle of the street but would turn back and not come onto our side.  Within about two months, they calmed down, and one of them even came over to see our new baby and borrow our phone book and chat away about their latest drama.  One of the more threatening young males has disappeared.  Not sure where he went, and don’t care.  Two or three of the others have been thrown out of the house.  The woman with the infant left her drug dealing boyfriend and moved her and the baby out.  Drug dealing boyfriend was tossed out on his ear by the home owners for other reasons.  One last guy was tossed out on his ear because it turns out (gosh, whaddya know?) has a history as a child sex offender, and this would never have become known unless CPS had investigated.  The truth will out.    They seem to have moved on to other things and are generally pleasant with us, and can come and go across the street as they please because they mean no harm at this point.  We can wave and say hi and briefly chat with some success.  The little boy over there comes over to play with our kids again like he used to.

This spell works and probably worked best because I had a lot of emotion and intensity behind it.  I love it and will use it again if I need to.

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Graveyard dirt!!

Now and then I have ideas and I just feel the need to share them so here it is.  There are so many old folk magic spells that call for graveyard dirt.  I have read all the modern neopagan articles saying “they didn’t really mean graveyard dirt.”  Well, yes they did.  Read up.   Any resource on Hoodoo will have more than enough American folk magic references to make sure you are aware that they really…did…mean graveyard dirt.  The modern neopagan articles suggest powdered mullein or mugwort as a substitute and these are fine if they work for you.

However, I have been exploring the ideas and symbolism behind the use of soil from the graveyard before.  Conventional wisdom is to use soil from a specific grave chosen for a particular reason.  Soil from a soldier’s grave for protection, soil from a loved one, for love spells…you get the idea.

This wasn’t part of my training and in truth, it goes a bit against my grain to go digging around on an actual person’s grave.  Maybe it’s my very white-girlness.  I’m probably just too European for my own good and our people are not known for going mucking around in graves.  Who knows?  But I have used soil from a cemetary for my own purposes, in a different way that I wanted to share.  It’s my “modern take,”  we will call it, on the graveyard dirt.

First, I like to select soil from a consecrated cemetary so any religious cemetary will do.  Secondly, I do not choose soil from an actual grave.  I will select it from an area around a tree or near a shrub or whatever.  Someplace that does not cover a body.  What I am looking for is the restful, finality, “putting it to rest” sort of energy found in the cemetary.  I’m not looking for a spirit’s input or assistance, I am looking for the energy, or “vibe”, if you will, that is found in that soil.

Having said that, I still bring a gift or two for the spirits of the cemetary.  I may not be taking soil from their individual graves but I am taking something from their backyard and I like to be grateful.  Chocolate, brandy, coins, pretty beads, or whatever I think they may want, I bring along and place in the area from which I took soil.

I then use the soil for anything I want to halt, settle, put to rest or terminate….permanently.  I recently made a protective “witch bottle” to attract any bad energy being sent my way, and put graveyard soil inside it, to put that damaging energy to rest permanently.  It seems to blend energetically well with sea salt (to neutralize), and I like to use it along with fumitory, wormwood and yes, even mugwort for banishing, binding or creative protection work.  I haven’t tried mullein so I can’t speak to its effectiveness.

Try this blend for a powder to sprinkle around your property for protection:

-Graveyard dirt (any consecrated soil, no specific grave)

-Sea salt (or even kosher salt, which is already blessed!)

-Wormwood, fumitory, yarrow or a combination

-A blessing herb like lavender, rose, jasmine, blessed thistle….whatever you like

Mix these in proportions that seem best to you.  Create an incantation or choose one that you like from written literature.  Pass around your property in a circle (clockwise!) three times if you can, but at least one full time.  Pour out any remaining powder on your threshold with thanks.

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Brigid’s Healing Milk Bath   Leave a comment

When my spirit needs nourishment…….

So today I’m at work, just trying to get through my day.  Phone is ringing off the hook and none of it was any kind of good news.  In keeping with that theme, my doctor’s office called with some bad test results.  I’m going to need some more tests.  They’re looking for early signs of the big “C”, of the cervical variety.  Seems I have some bad cells misbehaving and considering a promotion to “cancerous.”  Not what I needed to hear today.  Or ever.

I have told others this before so I’m saying it again.  Women, I truly believe, are more vulnerable to the female genitourinary dysfunctions when they have had some kind of trauma, emotional or physical.  Something that strikes at their core as a woman.  Maybe it was physical abuse.  Maybe it was mental abuse to the degree that it made her feel small and unwanted, unwelcome and unloved.  For some of us, like me, it started when we were little girls.  Someone made us feel just not quite good enough, not pretty enough, not feminine enough. (We were allowed to be smart and strong, of course…just not beautiful.)  Some of us started out fine and took trauma from the hands and words of an abusive romantic partner, or some other situation.  I think it festers in us, if we don’t fix it, eating away at our spirits, and then our emotions and eventually attacking our bodies in the most feminine of places.  It’s like a road map; the body says, “Listen to me, woman and listen now!”

I don’t have all the answers but I know I can do something to love myself today.  Or at least pretend I love myself, until maybe someday I really will.  ‘Tis the season for Imbolc and Brigid and in honor of this very feminine goddess, I made myself a nice healing milk bath.  Try it…I feel wonderful.  I will try to remind myself that I should feel this way every day.  I am fresh out of the tub and writing this, to you, whoever reads it….nourish yourself.

-Make a tea of any of the following herbs you can get your hands on: lavender, rose petals, blessed thistle, lady’s mantle or vervain.  Strain and add to a clean bottle.

-Add vanilla extract, and a few drops of essential oils: rose or rose geranium, rosemary and something with a grassy or garden-ish scent.  Lavender’s good.

-Throw in some witch hazel extract if you have it

-Add a teaspoon of sea salt.  The sea is our mother.  The ocean is your womb.  Love it.

-A teaspoon of honey

-Half a cup of milk

Shake it all up in a nice clean jar, light a white candle in your bathroom, fill a hot tub of water and pour in your healing mixture.  Soak, baby, soak!

If we don’t learn to love our bodies, I think they will turn on us.  All of our negative self talk and the abuse from our exterior lives will chip away at our soul first and then our emotions and then our bodies, attacking us at the core of our womanhood.  Heal, woman, heal.

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