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Just for fun- a love potion   1 comment

   Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary and in honor of that, I’m posting a simple love potion for using with the one you love.  This won’t make someone love you, it’s just something to celebrate and enhance the feelngs you already have for one another.  It’s fun to blend and mix and make something with our heart in it sometimes.

I’m pretty lucky in that my husband will drink just about any crazy thing I give him, though for the first year and a half of our marriage, he would usually give me a suspicious look and ask what’s in it and/or watch me drink it first.  (Smart guy! Ha!)  Yes, as previously posted, he puts me over the edge and he knows it.  I think he has sometimes been concerned that I was considering turning him into a toad.  I sure do love him, though, and he knows that for certain.  Plus, he knows I am not really crazy about toads.

Anyway, here’s something I like to make sometimes:

Take 1 cup of water and make a tea/infusion of any of the following herbs if you can get them:  fennel, lavender, basil, dill or damiana.  You can also use rose petals but don’t use them if they ever had pesticides on them. 

(Go easy on basil or dill because they have a strong scent that might make your potion smell like pickles)

Take your cup of herbal infusion and blend with a sweet red wine, or if you prefer, grab some strawberry or guava nectar instead.    You can find those often in the juice aisle. Apples are love fruits, so you can use apple juice too, for that matter.   Add a couple drops of vanilla extract and a sprinkle of cinnamon, if you have it.  Mix this all up and pour into two wine glasses, or one to share.  Wash and freeze some strawberries and float a couple of them in your glasses  in place of ice cubes for a pleasing way to chill your potion.

It’s nice to say a little blessing or prayer over your mixture while making it, or before serving.  Use words from the heart.


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