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My baby girl’s first magic charm   3 comments

I had such a nice day today.  The boys are at grandma’s but baby Livvie stayed home, so we took her to the Pow Wow nearby, which happens over here at the park along the river every year in June.  It’s really beautiful, the dancers from all of the Michigan tribes, and the drumming and singing and then the vendors which are fun to look at.  I bought some handmade soap, which I always enjoy and this year, I got a tiny little soft white leather medicine bag for the baby.  It already had some tobacco and sage and cedar in it.  I added some more herbs from my more European background: lavender, blessed thistle, mugwort and a dash of sea salt.   I placed a tiny tiger’s eye turtle inside.  Turtle is one of her animals, I know, because I became obsessed with them when I was pregnant.  There are more reasons I will save for a post some other day.  Then I added a tiny amethyst, a tiny moonstone (of course!) a small, colorful stone from Lake Superior.  I sealed it up and let her hold it for a while.  Because of its long tether, she will not be able to wear it.  It’s too dangerous for an infant.  But it will hang over her crib until she is older and can be safe with such things.  I have not done enough of this with my sons, but I have this daughter now and I feel driven to raise her with magic and the pulsing life of the land and the mystical gift of being female.  This is a picture of my peanut with her little bag.  She has it wrapped in her little hands right now as she sleeps, and I’m letting her hold it just another minute before I hang it up.