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I went today to the very nice mental health clinic in its very nice office building staffed by its very nice receptionists.  I am getting some help while my life goes all to pieces around me (again!) and had a chance to see a very wise psychiatric nurse practitioner for the first time.  I also see a counselor there, another wise and compassionate woman who gives it to me straight, listens, believes me and helps me remember the truth that I had somehow forgotten.  There were a lot of people there, from all walks of life, men and women, young and older, from all professions.  Everyone came for the same reason I did, for wise counsel and healing.

It occurs to me today as I head home and reflect that these women are the new wise ones, the women who the villagers would seek out in her cottage in the woods, for help.   They would come to these women for healing of their bodies, their hearts, their lives; for wisdom, for medicine, for compassion.  These professional women are the new brand of the old way.  Employing therapeutic procedures and pharmaceuticals instead of herbs and brews, the assistance they offer is no less magical  than a charm or vial of herbal tea or anything else one could find at the fireside of the wise mothers who used to heal our bodies and minds.


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