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Cauldron of Rebirth   Leave a comment

So, last night in between waking and sleeping and being disturbed by child sounds and husband sounds, I pathworked my way to where I go to see Cerridwen.  It was raining outside and those times of rain, fog, sunset, etc, always make it easier for me to walk into my mythic landscape.  I always find her in a chamber after traversing through a cavelike passage with a stream running in it that I rarely see but can always hear.

She was sitting in the center of the room, but not stirring her cauldron this time.  It was off to one side, and seemed to be simmering on its own.  I must have looked quizzical but don’t recall saying anything.  She gestured to her giant cauldron and from inside bubbled a beautiful green light; the light of spring and rebirth.  She reminded me that her cauldron is a cauldron of death but also out of it comes the new life, the rebirth.  It is the rebirth season now, and the power of spring was bubbling from within her cauldron.  It was a good reminder for me to turn away from the dark time of the year, because it is turning away from us on its own and it’s important to notice and ride this tide into the light.


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