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In advance of upcoming episodes on, I am posting the below discussion.  It is one way to think about the universe and how we interact with it.  This terminology will come into play as we share more podcast episodes about the Wild Magic.

We begin by looking at the three traditional realms of the Celtic spiritual concept.  There is the Upper Realm, the Middle Realm and the Lower Realm of existence.  The boundaries between these three are fluid, ever changing, and can overlap upon one another.  However, it is beneficial to have a framework in which to picture these realities.  One way to picture these concepts is with a world tree image.  The tree image provides a vertical axis along which we place our idea of the three realms.  Several other types of structures, both natural and manmade create a similar concept of “axis mundi” or axis of the world, such as tall hills, or towers.  Some people believe that this concept inspired the Egyptian pyramids and perhaps even the Christian cathedral spires and steeples.  To work the full axis, there must be a piece that reaches down beneath the surface of the planet, something at the ground level of earth and then reaching up into the sky.  The borders between these three realms are shifting, because in truth, they all exist at once, layered upon each other, merging into one another.  Our human minds sometimes struggle with this concept, so imagery is helpful for us to sort out the different properties and lessons available in the three realms.  For this lesson we begin by working with the world tree concept, because we know how profoundly important tree lore was to the Celts and it is a very appropriate symbol to work with.    The most important aspect of the world tree is that its roots reach deep into the lower realms, its trunk is strong and present in the middle realm and its branches reach upward into the heights of the upper realm. 

Lower realm=sea=water element=Mysterious Underworld

Middle realm=earth=earth element=Fertile Green World

Upper realm=sky=air element=Starry Heights of the Heavens

Suggested activity:  With color pencils, pastels, crayons, paints or clippings, make a sketch, painting, collage or some artistic rendering of a world tree.  Make this fun and let the idea sink into you while you create it.  There are no rules about this tree and it may not be the tree you see when you do your otherworld journeys, but that’s okay.  Your creation is today’s picture of the tree.  Just be in the present, tell your ego to be quiet and don’t worry if your tree is a great work of art.  This is an artistic representation of the tree that you created on this day, at this time.  Write the date and time on your creation and put it someplace safe, or hang it up.


Posted October 3, 2012 by Jessica

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